• By Abid V.

    "Trying out this treat for our dog, Olive, a lively Cavachon, was a delight. She took to it eagerly, considering it a high-value reward during training sessions and playtime. What I appreciated most was its versatility – we could effortlessly cut it into pieces, perfect for stuffing in a Kong toy or freezing into tiny popsicles for extra enrichment. Unlike other chicken treats that upset Olive's stomach, this one proved gentle on her digestion. Kudos to Fluffy and Jumpy for creating such a versatile and stomach-friendly delight!"

  • By Wess F.

    "My furry friend Ahri simply can't get enough of these treats! From the moment I introduced them, she's been wagging his tail in excitement every time she hears the bag rustle. Not only does she love the taste, but I love the fact that they're made with natural ingredients. It's a win-win for both of us! Highly recommend these treats to all dog parents out there."

  • By Wien T.

    "We've tried countless treats for my energetic pup, but none have garnered the same level of enthusiasm as these ones. The moment I bring out the packet, Max starts performing all her tricks without hesitation. The fact that they're packed with wholesome ingredients gives me peace of mind knowing I'm giving him something nutritious. Thank you for creating such a paw-some treat!"

  • By Janet C.

    "Although my dear fur baby, Buddy, is no longer with us, I felt compelled to share how much he adored these treats during his time here. Buddy was more than just a pet; he was family, a constant source of love and joy. These treats were his absolute favorite – the way his eyes would light up and his tail would wag with uncontainable excitement whenever he heard the rustle of the packet is a memory I'll forever hold dear. They weren't just treats; they were moments of pure happiness we shared together. While Buddy may have crossed the rainbow bridge, the memories of those blissful treat times will remain etched in my heart forever. Thank you for creating something that brought so much joy to my beloved companion."

  • By Alice & Cam

    "My dog Duke is a picky eater, so finding treats he enjoys can be a challenge. But ever since we discovered these treats, mealtime has become a breeze! He goes crazy for them, and I love that they're free from any artificial flavors or preservatives. Plus, the resealable bag keeps them fresh for longer. Thank you for making my dog one happy pup!"

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Discover the best dog treats in Canada! Our healthy treats, ideal for training, puppies, small dogs, and seniors, are crafted with all-natural ingredients. Indulge your pup guilt-free—every day is a celebration of goodness! Spoil your furry friend with joy and well-being!

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Fluffy and Jumpy proudly supports dog adoption over shopping! We contribute by donating our treats monthly to Barc Rescue.

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