Meet the F&J Team

At Fluffy and Jumpy, we prioritize your dog's happiness and health. Meet our team crafting premium dog treats with love. Our natural, wholesome ingredients ensure joy and well-being in every bite. Discover the perfect blend of flavor and nutrition for your furry friend!
  • Beamer (12 years old)

    Like wine, age only gets better! Born in Canada, he has travelled throughout Saskatchewan and Alberta. Throughout the years, he has developed exquisite taste for meat. A whiff of foul odor? You bet the food will send back to the kitchen. Follow Beamer's IG here.

  • Benji (2 year old)

    Young and Reckless! Born in Texas, this boy is no stranger to meat. Flavor profiles from Carolinas, Memphis and Kansas, he has tried it all. Any thing wrong with the treat? He can smell it miles away. Definitely no fooling this guy. Follow Benji's IG here.

  • Fansy (aka Dog Whisper)

    As the name sounds, she truly is fancy. She can handle anything you throw at her. From accounting to computer programming, it's all just a walk in the park. Trouble training dogs? She can make them to do hula-hoops in a day.

  • MC (In House Chef)

    Equipped with a Go-Getter attitude, there's nothing that slips through this guy. His contagious, cheerful and optimistic personality calms even fear and anxiety in dogs. Got a doggy-downer? Let this guy takes care of it all.